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Massages bien-être, non thérapeutiques


Conditions Générales de Vente

massage therapist aix en provence

therapist aix en provence

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Massages bien-être, non thérapeutiques

Conditions Générales de Vente

Discover the Art of well-being with Manon, specialist in tailor-made Intuitive Massage, 
 Touch Artist in Aix-en-Provence



started working as a masseuse in 2018 in a massage institute. A year later, I gave birth to my own sanctuary of well-being: Manon des Sens.
Before becoming a masseuse, I cultivated my sensitivity and empathy as a veterinary assistant. From a very young age, I discovered a gift for massage, initially shared with my mother. She told me “you have a real talent my finette, you should make it your career later”. This prediction turned out to be correct and today, after six years of dedication, I continue to flourish in my passion, transformed into a profession.
Each customer who walks through the doors of Manon des Sens contributes to its story. A special thank you to those who were there from the start and to those who joined this adventure along the way, placing their trust in me.
Manon des Sens was recently crowned with recognition in Marie Claire magazine, designating us as an essential address. I am very happy to present this article to you by clicking on the following link (in French): Marie Claire
Thank you for your attention. I look forward to welcoming you to my haven of peace for a personalized treatment experience.


     Barbara, specialist in Personalized Massage, dedicated collaborator combining passion and expertise



Meet Barbara, collaborator of choice since 2023. With a rich and diverse career, Barbara has shone in the world of luxury spas. Her extensive training has allowed her to master varied and sought-after techniques such as Californian, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Kobido, Hawaiian, and Sports Massage.
Her passion for subtle energies led her to the ancestral practices of Shiatsu and reflexology, which she skillfully integrates into her Intuitive Massage. By integrating these practices into her Intuitive Massage sessions, Barbara ensures that each treatment is not only personalized but also deeply transformative. Her dedication to creating a custom-tailored experience for each client truly sets her apart.
Barbara is committed to an independent approach to offer a service that is human, relaxed and of high professional quality. She is distinguished by her meticulous attention to the well-being of each client, cultivating an acute sensitivity to individual needs.
With Barbara, prepare yourself for a massage experience that goes beyond classic relaxation, a true personalized sensory odyssey to awaken, soothe and revitalize.