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Site fait-maison 🏡

Ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 19h


17 rue Pavillon, Aix-en-Provence




Massages bien-être, non thérapeutiques


Conditions Générales de Vente

Ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 19h

17 rue Pavillon, Aix-en-Provence


Massages bien-être, non thérapeutiques

Conditions Générales de Vente


PRICES OF MASSAGES1H 110€  -  1H30 150€

Holy Grail of relaxation

Massages in Aix-en-Provence

Deep tissue relaxation

Freeing the body and the emotions

We personalise this massage to your needs and based on what you will share beforehand (your needs, your state of mind & your current pains).
Later, we abandon ourselves completely in the hands of Manon or Barbara who will adapt according to their feelings. It is a tailor-made massage that favors listening and improvisation.
Manon's Intuitive Massage is inspired by the Californian massage featuring broad, slow movements that envelop the entire body. A massage that combines softness and firmness.
Barbara's is inspired by the Swedish Massage, especially popular for relieving aches and pains, but also by the Californian Massage, for an enveloping feeling. Depending on your needs, it will be supplemented with Shiatsu and reflexology to realign your energies.
You will enjoy a unique moment at each session.

The Slow Deep Tissue massage proposed by Barbara is characterized by extremely slow movements. The constant pressure is adapted to your needs on the muscles and tissues.


This massage uses a minimal amount of oil while Barbara uses her thumbs, palms, fists, forearms, and elbows to deeply soothe your muscle pain and inflammation.


This massage is deeply relaxing for the body as well as for the mind, inducing a feeling of lightness and well-being.


Beyond relieving muscle pain, it aims to establish a deep feeling of calm and inner rest.

Concentrated tenderness


Developed by Manon, Chinese Intuitive combines two techniques: Intuitive Massage & Chi Nei Tsang (stomach massage or abdominal reflexology).
First part of the massage, The Intuitive: you will be massaged from head to toe for a complete body relaxation.
Second part, The Chi Nei Tsang: a delicate and deep massage on the abdominal organs (liver, intestines, stomach, etc.), to detoxify the stomach, release buried negative emotions & energies.
Next comes the relaxation of the solar plexus & sternum, areas closely linked to our emotions. Then, the trapezius & cervical muscles, ending with the face & skull.
Very liberating, Chinese Intuitive allows you to rebalance your energies and reconnect with yourself.


Designed by Manon, The Ritual is a gentle relaxation massage, composed solely of touches and “Papouilles” (light caresses). You will be swayed with by Manon’s fingertips.
"Papouilles" along the body; on the back, on the arms, in the hands, on the legs to calm the heart and the body. A feeling of security is thus created through the comforting presence and the perception of the attention of others.
Normal pressure is used for the foot massage to avoid tickling. And finally the long-awaited massage of the head and face, a caressing and touching version to release tension, slow down the heartbeat and release the hormones of well-being.
The Ritual is a concentrate of tenderness which spreads a message of compassion, of consolation “I’m here, don’t worry, I’ll take care of you”.