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Lundi au samedi de 10h à 18h


17 rue Pavillon





Massages bien-être, non thérapeutiques


Conditions Générales de Vente

Lundi au samedi de 10h à 18h


17 rue Pavillon





Massages bien-être, non thérapeutiques


Conditions Générales de Vente

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PRICES OF MASSAGES1H 110€  -  1H30 150€

Holy Grail of relaxation

Massages in Aix-en-Provence

Gateway between Intuitive & Chi Nei Tsang

Deep tissue relaxation

Emotional liberation, energetic boost

A rather soft massage, led by a firm hand, movements are slow and ample and wrap the whole body.
We personalise this massage to your needs and based on what you will share before hand (your needs, your state of mind & your current pains).
Next, abandon yourself in the hands of Manon who will adapt the massage based on her perceptions. It's a tailor-made massage which focuses on an attentiveness to your needs and improvisation. 
The Intuitive Massage frees itself from protocol while merging different methods towards relaxation: wraps, softness, firmness, effleurage, vibrations and/or stretches. It might be driven towards energy, psychological relaxation and/or muscular relaxation.
You will enjoy a unique moment at each session.

With this massage, Lucie rests your nervous system to deeply relax your muscles and work on your muscular tensions or contractures.


It is inspired by the Swedish massage, a very popular technique for relieving aches and pains, as well as by the Californian massage, featuring large, slow movements for an enveloping sensation.


A massage created from scratch by Lucie and the fruit of many years of work, notably in Montreal, where she was studied massage therapy.


In 2022, Lucie and this signature massage were awarded the silver medal at France's best masseur competition.

Return to childhood, 
welcome into a world of softness

A zen mommy


Created by Manon, the Chinese Intuitive combines two techniques: The Intuitive Massage and

the Chi Nei Tsang.
In its 1h format, the first 30 minutes are dedicated to the Intuitive Massage, followed by 20 minutes of belly massage « Chi Nei Tsang » and 10 minutes of head massage. In its 1h30 format, 45 minutes (head to toe) followed by 30 minutes belly massage and

15 minutes head massage. 
It is perfect for those who wish to discover the belly massage before booking THE full Chi Nei Tsang experience. Equally, it is ideal massage for those wanting to combine these two techniques and simultaneously benefit from an emotional and physical experience of well-being. 
The Chinese Intuitive quiets the mind,

relaxes your body and soothes your belly.



The Chi Nei Tsang is a Chinese

belly massage technique. 
It is centred on delicate and deep pressures on the belly's organs, detoxifying the body and freeing up buried emotions, past or recent. It is an abdominal reflexology which also relieves intestinal discomforts.
A fantastic massage that re-balances the body's energies and after which we feel a lot lighter, as if we let go of emotional weights. It's a freeing massage, allowing a reconnection to the self. Its effects last several days. 
Manon works with the whole upper body: the belly's organs (liver, intestines, stomach, kidneys, etc.) as well as reflexology points linked to emotions, such as the solar plexus and the sternum. Manon also takes care of the heart's area, the thoracic cage, the trapezes and cervical zone, and ends with the face and the head.

Designed by Manon, The Ritual is a relaxing intuitive massage, only composed of touch and  « light tickles ». No pressure is applied during this massage, you shall be cradled from the finger tips.
It is a well-being massage for those who need extreme softness. A beautiful choreography between consciousness and unconsciousness.
The wrapping movement associated with the extreme softness bring a durable and deep feeling of relaxation.


A soft-pressure relaxing massage, featuring amples and slow movements to allow yourself a moment of absolute relaxation before the baby's arrival. No stress.  
Differences with the usual Intuitive Massage: the pressure is softer and half the massage will be executed with a pregnancy cushion

(provided by the salon).
A relaxing massage to relieve physical inconforts such as: heavy legs, water retention, muscular and lumbar pains. The massage designed for pregnant women favour draining and toxin elimination.

Ultra-smoothing, it can also relieve sleep disorders and brings you serenity.
Sweet almond oil and shea butter are used.